Interview Season: Be Unforgettable

It’s interview season at the Institute. And it’s an interesting time as we’re applying for the same positions AND cheering for each other’s success. But guess what? We’ve all been through the same coursework. We’ve proven ourselves with numerous certifications. We’ve gained invaluable practicum experience. And we’re all equally qualified for Continue reading Interview Season: Be Unforgettable

Text Mining for an Efficient Democracy: A Case Study

For many of us, our knowledge of how a proposed bill becomes a law begins and ends somewhere around Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill.” What you probably don’t know is that federal law mandates that every member of the public (that’s you and me!) must have an opportunity to Continue reading Text Mining for an Efficient Democracy: A Case Study

“Clustomer” Segmentation

Our recent marketing project was about creating customer segments for an online travel company. While we spent hours crunching data and looking at statistics to come up with those magic segments – our results and final presentation were the most interesting parts of this project. We presented our findings with Continue reading “Clustomer” Segmentation

Will data analysis be automated?

In 2011, McKinsey & Company released a report about the shortage of analytical talents, marking the beginning of the era of big data. In the following year, an article in the Harvard Business Review called data scientist “the sexiest job in 21st century.” Businesses and organizations, private and public sectors alike, continue Continue reading Will data analysis be automated?