“I couldn’t care less.. For all intents and purposes.. One and the same” and other commonly misspoken phrases

Have you ever realized that you’ve been saying a common phrase incorrectly? Often the first way you hear a phrase pronounced is adopted as your personal rule. This comes up in everyday speech and, maybe most amusingly, in the misinterpretation of song lyrics. This blog post was inspired by noticing Continue reading “I couldn’t care less.. For all intents and purposes.. One and the same” and other commonly misspoken phrases

Intramural Soccer

Team Proc Score kicked off the fall season’s intramural soccer coed competitive league with a resounding 6-1 win over Angel’s Emeralds (whatever those are) on Friday. Ditching the business casual standard, the team sported their freshly printed mint green jerseys designed by the team’s very own Anne Marie Strickland. On Continue reading Intramural Soccer

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

At the end of August, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, leaving many without homes, power, or food. After the success of the Bake Sale for School Supplies in July, Daniel and I decided to host a Bake Sale for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Sixteen IAA students contributed delicious baked goods to the Continue reading Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Rules of Engagement: Etiquette Dinner

The Blue and Orange cohorts came together for an etiquette session with the dynamic business expert, Mary Crane. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect – would we be talking about manners, like not putting elbows on the table? And how would this lecture apply to the work we were Continue reading Rules of Engagement: Etiquette Dinner

Communication Training Week Team Experience

Another great team experience at the Institute for Advanced Analytics! It’s amazing what can be created in less than 36 hours with a group of brilliant minds. This program is fulfilling its reputation of purposeful challenge and support to create well-rounded data professionals. I’m excited and honored to be among Continue reading Communication Training Week Team Experience

Presentation Lessons from Summer Practicum

The bottom line? Effective presenting takes a lot of work! On July 25th and 26th, the Blue and Orange cohorts presented the fruits of their three-week summer practicum projects. At the end of their twenty-minute presentation, each group received comments on their performance. While listening to the other teams’ feedback Continue reading Presentation Lessons from Summer Practicum

School Supply Showdown Fundraiser

During the two years I served as an AmeriCorps member before joining the MSA program, I worked at a high school that struggled to cover the costs of necessities like paper and pencils. Teachers would often end up purchasing these items on their own. When I learned that the Institute Continue reading School Supply Showdown Fundraiser

RNN: Recurrent Neural Networks

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI will transform in the next several years,” – Andrew Ng, Former Baidu Chief Scientist, Coursera Co-Founder and Stanford Professor Artificial intelligence, long a mainstay of Continue reading RNN: Recurrent Neural Networks