Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

At the end of August, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, leaving many without homes, power, or food. After the success of the Bake Sale for School Supplies in July, Daniel and I decided to host a Bake Sale for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Sixteen IAA students contributed delicious baked goods to the Continue reading Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

School Supply Showdown Fundraiser

During the two years I served as an AmeriCorps member before joining the MSA program, I worked at a high school that struggled to cover the costs of necessities like paper and pencils. Teachers would often end up purchasing these items on their own. When I learned that the Institute Continue reading School Supply Showdown Fundraiser

Blood Sugar Analysis App

The ability for organizations to data mine and address a wide range of business problems across many industries is a huge asset in terms of ROI. What about big data and analytics helping not only the bottom line but also the general public? What about all the data that envelops Continue reading Blood Sugar Analysis App

News vs. Noise: The Syrian Refugee Crisis – Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

What is the Syrian Refugee Crisis? As a result of the Syrian Civil War, 4 million Syrians have been displaced from their home, mostly taking refuge in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. By October 2015, the cumulative number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe had reached over Continue reading News vs. Noise: The Syrian Refugee Crisis – Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Women at the Institute

I came to this program after a decade of calling myself an economist. Even in the last year and a half when that hasn’t been my job title, I’ve clung to it on the grounds that economics shapes much of how I understand the world and work within it. That Continue reading Women at the Institute