Alumni in Action: Greg McElveen ’19 & Garrett Pedersen ’19

On the second day of their MSA Class of 2019 Orientation, we interviewed Greg McElveen and Garrett Pedersen. Their class had just completed the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, one of several tools the Institute uses to help students better understand the unique talents they bring to their teams and their work. Continue reading Alumni in Action: Greg McElveen ’19 & Garrett Pedersen ’19

Diverse Disciplines: Abigail McCauley ’19

The Institute’s admissions team regularly receives inquiries from prospective students along the lines of: “I’m interested in the MSA program, but I’m a ________ major. Do I even have a chance of being admitted?” One can fill in that blank with any number of disciplines — psychology, chemistry, political science Continue reading Diverse Disciplines: Abigail McCauley ’19