How to Start Programming: Automating a Cover Letter

Solving the simple problems can be the most fun When starting my first job for Bloomberg LP in September 2015, I had to undergo 2 weeks of training on the Bloomberg Terminal, finance, and the internal systems of  the company. I learned about the people, the job and, most notably, Continue reading How to Start Programming: Automating a Cover Letter

Professional Perspectives

One benefit of being home to the nation’s first Master of Science in Analytics program is that NC State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics’ broad network of alumni and returning employers affords current students myriad opportunities to create professional connections. These connections, in tandem with a robust palette of dedicated career Continue reading Professional Perspectives

Sports Analytics: An Interview with Sig Mejdal

“…capabilities and expertise in tools such as SQL, R, and Python. Pragmatic skills are important as well because we want not just dreamers but people who can get projects done by a deadline. Human and social skills are also important. You must work with people who are foreign to you, Continue reading Sports Analytics: An Interview with Sig Mejdal

Four Stages of Job Rejection Grief

It’s interview season, which is a complex combination of excitement and stress. And no matter how much effort you put into preparing for case studies, reviewing notes, brushing up on interview skills, or customizing resumes, you can still get “the news” that you were not selected for a job. What Continue reading Four Stages of Job Rejection Grief

Interview Season: Be Unforgettable

It’s interview season at the Institute. And it’s an interesting time as we’re applying for the same positions AND cheering for each other’s success. But guess what? We’ve all been through the same coursework. We’ve proven ourselves with numerous certifications. We’ve gained invaluable practicum experience. And we’re all equally qualified for Continue reading Interview Season: Be Unforgettable