Using Tableau to Build a Time Series Model

Tableau is most often used as a visualization tool, but it is also a powerful tool to build exponential smoothing models for time series data. If your data uses an exponential smoothing model for forecasting (more recent observations are given greater weight), and you want to have a quick drag-n-drop Continue reading Using Tableau to Build a Time Series Model

Quick Steps to Making a Resume in Tableau

Looking for resources to further my learning in how to display data using Tableau, I stumbled across an interactive resume concept. Creating a resume in Tableau is billed as a great way to showcase your Tableau skills and your experience. This medium allows for more creativity and freedom in how Continue reading Quick Steps to Making a Resume in Tableau

Testing an NFL Claim

As I waited for my SAS code for practicum to run, I came across a Super Bowl commercial by the NFL, shown below. The commercial starts with the claim that “9 months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births.” While it is humorous and easy to Continue reading Testing an NFL Claim

Plot Your Data

Visual data exploration or how filters will change your life Plotting your data is a necessary first step with any large data set driven project whether that is forecasting, predictive modeling or just providing summary statistical insights. There are many ways to plot in as many software packages as you Continue reading Plot Your Data