Analytics in the Military

Conversations about Big Data and Analytics have taken the global business market by storm. There is not an industry today where these terms have not graced a headline or been echoed by a company CEO. Everyone is thinking about data, and industries are looking for people with the right assortment Continue reading Analytics in the Military

Soccer Team

“It Depends.” This phrase is a running joke at the Institute for all of the statistical questions one may ever have: Is your R-squared value good enough? Should you take an order one difference? Ensemble? It also happens to be the mantra of the undefeated Institute for Advanced Analytics Football Continue reading Soccer Team

5 Tips for International Students

I have contemplated writing a blog to document my experiences in the 10 month MS Analytics program. However, when it came time to choose a topic to write about, I was more confused than a SAS programmer using R for the first time. I wanted to write about a multitude of Continue reading 5 Tips for International Students

Building an Analyst One Board Game at a Time

What makes a strong analyst? We talk to many employers during information events. A pretty common question that gets asked is “What are you looking for in an new hire? What makes a successful analyst/data scientist in your organization/company/secret cabal?” A few of the characteristics that I’ve noted from the many Continue reading Building an Analyst One Board Game at a Time